The Stoners' Cancer Society fundraiser


Usually, parents set examples for their children, but Iris Stoner's son, Adam, has motivated her to do good. 

Over Christmas 2018, Adam donated his hair to The Little Princess Trust to make wigs for paediatric cancer patients. He then immediately announced he was going to grow his hair to donate again.  

He has inspired Iris to do the same and take part in a mother/son donation. Like before, they want to fundraise for the Cancer Society at the same time. 

Iris is especially motivated to help the Cancer Society because it was her mother’s favourite cause. Every year Iris' Mother would collect for that charity in the US by going to her assigned floors of the high rise where they lived, knocking on doors and asking for donations. She did that for most of her adult life. Iris' mother, who passed away in 2016, was presented with a plaque from the Cancer Society for her years of service.  

When you donate to the Cayman Islands Cancer Society every penny stays on island to support patients and their needs. Iris hopes that you will help Adam and her raise as much money as possible.  

If you want to donate, feel free to drop by the Cayman Compass, Monday - Friday anytime between 8am - 4:40pm;  a donation box will be in the reception area. Any amount would be welcome. We will also have Cancer Society ribbon pins to hand out that you can wear to show your support of the efforts of this great charity.

You can also visit the Cancer Society on Maple Road across from the Cayman Islands Hospital and let the staff know you are supporting Adam and Iris' fundraising. If you prefer to donate online, you can do so at this address (and please include a note that it is in support of their efforts):

Adam and Iris would also like to give an enormous thank you to Charlene of Focus Hair and Beauty for volunteering once again to do the official braiding and cutting to donate the hair to The Little Princess Trust.

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