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Bottle Cap Challenge with Seaford

The newest trend to hit the internet is the #BottleCapChallenge and here at Rooster 101.9 we just had to join in. As the fittest member of the Rooster 101.9 team, Seaford Russell Jr. shows his attempt at the challenge here, and he is in good company. Celebrities attempting the challenge include; Kendall Jenner, (who did hers on a jet ski!)  Steve-ORyan Renolds and Conor McGregor.

Watch the video below and see if Seaford can complete the attempt. 

Have you tried your own # BottleCapChallenge? Share it with us here, we would love to see it. 

You can catch Seaford Russel Jr. live every Saturday between 1 pm and 4 pm for the latest in Country music. 



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