Two vehicles stolen yesteday

Aug 11, 2017 News

Two vehicles, one a motorcycle and the other a car, have been reported stolen yesterday. Both vehicles were stolen in separate incidents. In the first incident, police say a 2016 Imperial bronze Kia Sorento was stolen just before 7:15 am from the Owen Roberts International Airport parking lot. The vehicle was parked in the lot around 5 am. The cars registration plate number is T5391. In the second incident a 2006 blue, black and white Yamaha XT225 motorcycle was reported stolen from a West Bay residence on Aurora Drive. The motorcycle was last seen at 8:45 yesterday morning and was noticed to be missing by 10:45 am. The motorcycles registration plate number is 1152145. Police ask that anyone with information in regards to the missing vehicles call the George Town Police Station 949-4222 or the anonymous tip hotline 949-7777 POLICE ASK THAT ANYONE WITH INFORMATION IN REGARDS TO THE MISSING VEHICLES CALL THE GEORGE TOWN POLICE STATION 949-4222 OR THE ANONYMOUS TIP HOTLINE...949-7777