Rivers says Cayman will address EU tax concerns, but Cayman's economy will be considered first

Dec 06, 2017 News

Financial Services Minister Hon. Tara Rivers says Government remains open to addressing European Union concerns on taxation. However, she says, it will only be done with the Cayman's economy in mind. Yesterday (5 December) Cayman escaped EU blacklisting. However, we were added to a grey list, along with 47 other countries that were deemed compliant. But the EU has registered its concern over tax fairness here. "This is an area that we have committed to continue the dialogue with the European Union in order to better understand what their concern is in that regard and what how we can try to address it. Certainly, in the context of our own economy and what is relevant and what makes sense from that perspective," Ms. Rivers said. Minister Rivers said Cayman will continue to cooperate with the EU.