Panton calls Liquor probe discrimination

Aug 11, 2017 News

Liquor for Less owner Prentice Panton said the probe into Peanuts Gas Station's Sunday sales liquor license is only singling out local providers ┬ásince there are other places that are doing the same without being scrutinised. Mr. Panton said his own customers have been asking him why his liquor store hasn't been given the same go-ahead to sell alcohol on Sundays and he believes discrimination is at play as the gas station's license is under scrutiny when other liquor providers aren't. "We should not be discriminating against the locals and saying that they can't purchase alcohol at an afffordable price from liquor stores on Sunday. If you can go to the bars and drink and that's legal and that's fine then what is the difference, can somebody tell me what's the difference," Mr Panton said. Mr. Panton said having liquor sales on Sundays could be a huge advantage for him after seeing the benefit to bars and hotels and says it could be the biggest shopping day since most people are off work.