Opposition Leader heads to UK for Constitutional changes talks

Dec 05, 2018 News

Opposition Leader Hon. Ezzard Miller is set to join Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin in the UK. This as Cayman gets ready to negotiate proposed constitutional changes with London. Mr. Miller said he had reviewed the government's proposal and he's in agreement with the Constitutional changes being sought. He said he will be meeting with Cayman's legal team ahead of Friday's talks with the foreign and commonwealth office. "We are going to spend Thursday with his legal consultant Sir Jeffrey Jowell Q.C. and the team, our team together and lay out a strategy. You know we ask for A, if we don't get A, well can we get B?" Mr. Miller said. Deputy opposition leader Alva Suckoo will also be joining Mr. Miller and the Cayman team in the UK talks. The talks are set for Friday 7 December and Monday 10 December.