Man drowns in water off Spotts Beach

Feb 12, 2018 News

A 65-year-old man died Monday (12 February) after experiencing difficulties in the water off Spotts Beach. It marks the second water-related death in the span of a week. Cayman 27's Philipp Richter was on scene shortly after the man was taken to the hospital. He spoke with an eye-witness. Donna Beers never thought she'd see something like this, visiting from Pennsylvania. Her and her husband were swimming off Spotts Beach when they heard the cries for help. “We both looked down the beach and someone was bringing a gentlemen in, carrying him, one on each side, bringing him in,” said Mrs. Beers. Mrs. Beers said the man was brought to shore by members of the public, who began administering CPR for at least 10 minutes before emergency personal arrived. “And then the police came and they again administered CPR and brought an IV down for him and took him,” said Mrs. Beers. At the time, Mrs. Beers hoped for the best. “We weren't sure, we have our fingers crossed, I hope so, but someone indicated when they brought him out that he was pretty blue when he came out but they were really working hard on him,” said Mrs. Beers. Police later confirmed the man died, exactly one week after another person died after swimming off Seven Mile Beach. Police have not yet named the man involved.