CIAA: making Owen Roberts less attractive?

Dec 06, 2018 News

The Cayman Islands Airport Authoirty is working hard to make Owen Roberts less attractive.... less attractive to wildlife that is. Chief of Safety Andrew McLaughlin said they were constantly reviewing techniques to prevent bird strikes and other wildlife from jeopardising the safe landing of aircraft at the airport. But, he said tracking those incidents proves a bit of a headache. "A plane comes from Miami lands in Grand Cayman and its got smudges on it because they might have struck a bird," Mr. McLaughlin proposed. "We have absolutely no idea where they struck that bird from Miami to now 'cause most of the time the aircrew doesn't know and the only way we find out is when the ground crew do their inspection after the plane is empty after the pilots have gone. They find the smudges, they find the bird remains," he explained. And it is not just birds the CIAA are worrying about: they said the green iguanas are attracted to the warm runway to help aid digestion!