Caymanians touch down in Anguilla for rescue efforts

Sep 12, 2017 News

Scores of Health Services, Environmental and Hazard Management professionals touched down in Anguilla Tuesday afternoon (12 Sep) giving relief to those still suffering from hurricane Irma's destruction. H.S.A's  CEO Lizzette Yearwood said her and 10 other staff members are travelling with 12-13 pallets of the medical supplies which she said was suggested by Anguilla medical officials. "We are sending an emergency room doctor, a General Practitioner as well as six registered nurses and a paramedic and these are broadly trained nurses and doctors who can assist in many areas but especially in the emergency services area," Ms. Yearwood said. Danielle Coleman of Hazard Management said her staff spent the morning stocking shelter materials, while Health City Cayman Islands have sent 500 pounds of medical items to Anguilla. Cayman 27's Mario Grey was on the tarmac as airport staff loaded supplies.