Cayman’s Wellesley Howell turns 104

Jan 07, 2019 Culture

Cayman stalwart Wellesley Howell turns 104 on Monday (7 January.) He was born in 1915 in Jamaica, but came to Cayman in the 1940s and has since made it his home. Even at 104 Mr. Howell still works at his longtime shoe shop perfecting his craft. Mr. Howell said Cayman has changed its old-time values. "They were more friendly than now even in the Christmas you would be surprised how you can go to many homes and see how they make preparations for one another," said Mr. Howell. Mr. Howell has achieved an age many wish to reach and he said it is his Christian beliefs that have helped him throughout his life. "I give him thanks for everything, for everything he has performed in my life, I give him thanks and I was trained to do that by my grandmother," said Mr. Howell. Mr. Howell is believed to be the oldest man in Grand Cayman, he said he has no illnesses and his secret to a long life is happiness and serving Jesus Christ.