BREAKING: Stephens deported on Sunday

Mar 12, 2018 Crime

Ato Mobido Stephens left the Cayman Islands Sunday (11 March) and is prohibited from returning.  Mr. Stephens traveled to Miami, Florida, and now is a prohibited immigrant to the Cayman Islands, according to a press statement from the Office of the Premier.  Under Section 82(h) of the Immigration Law, a prohibited immigrant is “a person who, not having received a free pardon, has been convicted in any country of an offence for which a sentence of imprisonment of or exceeding 12 months has been passed otherwise than for non-payment of a fine," according to the statement.  Mr. Stephens was sentenced to 18 months in prison on 4 August, 2017, and the court recommended his deportation following completion of his sentence. Mr. Stephens’ sentence resulted from a guilty verdict on one charge of using an information and communication technology network to annoy, harass or abuse an underage female. At the time of his sentencing the court recommended deportation. The Cabinet of the Cayman Islands approved the issuance of a Deportation Order for Mr. Stephens for 16 March.