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Cayman Billfish Rundown facilitated a donation of $23,000 to the Alex Panton Foundation (APF)

Yesterday, Cayman Billfish Rundown facilitated a donation of $23,000 to the Alex Panton Foundation (APF). The charity was chosen as the beneficiary for the Tournament’s inaugural year and teams were encouraged to donate a portion of their winnings. The charity’s mission is to improve the mental health of children and young adults in the Cayman Islands through advocacy, awareness, and support while raising awareness of mental illnesses with a particular focus on anxiety and depression.

Three of the winning teams kindly donated, including: the winners of the ‘heaviest wahoo’ category, Ecks-Change; the , Reel Addiction; and the winners of the grand prize for most billfish release points, Uno Mas. Simon Ecclefield from Ecks-Change and Nathan Ebanks from Reel Addiction, along with Randy Merren, CBR Tournament Director, presented a check to Shane Purcell, a representative from the charity. Purcell extended his gratitude to Hurley's Media, Dart and Camana Bay for their support. “Similar thanks to the competitors for their donations, it truly means a lot. It's great to see this generosity alive and well,” he said.

The funds donated will go towards Emotional Literacy programs which the charity is hoping to roll out in September. APF is also working with the HSA and Mental Health Commission to develop children and adolescent mental health hub in order to respond to the mental health crisis and young people at risk of mental health difficulties. For young adolescents with depression and anxiety, they facilitate a Peer-Led Support Group every Saturday in George Town town hall, from 3 - 4:30pm. To find out more information and about their upcoming events and initiatives visit their website

Picture caption: From left; Randy Merren: Cayman Billfish Rundown Tournament Director, Nathan Ebanks: Reel Addiction, Shane Purcell: Alex Panton Foundation, Simon Ecclefield: Ecks-Change at Camana Bay.

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